"Yes, Kopac !"This is the Slogan of Kopac which represents our reputation obtained by the competitiveness of the price quality and timely delivery for our customers.

KOPAC was established in the middle of year 2015 with pure investment of our several Korean personal friends, for the purpose of supplying high quality corrugated boxes to the Korean and local companies in the fast developing industry of Vietnam.
Now KOPAC is growing fast to a 10 million dollar asset owned company with the trust and reputation of our customers obtained by providing timely and quality products customized for them.

Equipped with not only the corrugated production line and facilities, but also the offset printing line and the accessory machines, we are proud to say that we can meet any needs of our customers.

Your inquiry and visit will be always welcome! We are ready to serve you as a "one stop solution provider".

Thank you.